Vione is not just a place. It’s a way of thinking and living different from what many of us are used to. From us you will find peace and silence, clean air, space, gardens, nature, but also services which make life simpler. With the security you want 24/7, your children will be able to run and play the mysterious streets of this enchanted city, growing free to be in the open air without anything threatening or disturbing them.

Il Servizio di La7

In this video we go to the discovery of Borgo di Vione, a magical and special place, also trying to deal with the following topics:
• Discovering the village of Vione
• The authentic life of the village
• The houses for sale in Borgo di Vione, near Milan

About Us

My family and I have resided at Borgo di Vione for about 2 1/2 years now and it has truly been a haven! Pre-Covid, the Cascina (as we all call the Borgo) often had wonderful neighborly get togethers and even now, the dynamic amongst the people here is extremely warm and special. The grounds and the homes are beautifully kept and feel like a garden oasis. The location is close enough to Milano to make it easily accessible, yet far enough away to offer incredible serenity. But my favorite thing about Borgo di Vione, by far, is the amazing childhood it has allowed us to give our children. Kids here can run and play freely without the worry of traffic or intrusion from outside its walls. They can be all that children were made to be and that is truly priceless. I highly recommend living at Borgo do Vione.

Chandra Alley, ★★★★★

An amazing unique place to live and a paradise for families

Julie Green, ★★★★★

Fantastic place!! I love it.

Xiao April, ★★★★★

Vione è una soluzione di vita per chi ama il bello e la natura. Una soluzione con il sapore di una volta a due passi dalla città. Io sto un gran bene qui !!!

Matteo Londrini, ★★★★

What does think who already lives in the Borgo