Project Description


In Italy, millions of people have moved to the countryside over the last ten years; the most advanced point in this phenomenon is precisely the Milanese reality, more penalized than other cities by traffic congestion, house prices and high levels of smog and noise, as well as a strong sense of insecurity.
Milan is also a town near the many large in size farms that are widely distributed in Lombardy Campaigns. Over time, some have become real hamlets, which enjoyed their own autonomy and were linked to each other by a dense network of commercial trades.
However, over the last thirty years, due to the agricultural crisis, these settlements have slowly been emptied, until they were almost completely abandoned. Only now there are those who have begun to think that these farmhouses can be retrieved and refurbished to meet the needs of a new type of residential building, countryside, paving the way for a new way of life. It’s not just a get out of town to rediscover the charm of life in the middle of nature. It is a sort of recovery of declining campaigns, old farmhouses and farms, reconsidered and inserted into the urbanized circuit without being transformed into anonymous peripheries. A revision of spaces involving architects, artists and other creative professions, and gives life to a new world between the country and the urbanized world. A wonderful hybrid.


Life in Vione is in full harmony with nature, respect for the environment and the rhythms of the seasons. The products of the surrounding countryside, rice, vegetables, fruits, honey, milk, eggs cultivated with biological methods are as in the past available to the inhabitants of the village, which can have healthy foods from safe origin on their plates. The provincial road that runs along the farmhouse will be completely closed to traffic and within the village you can walk on foot, by bicycle or by electric cars. The only noise they hear is the laughter of children playing in full autonomy, but constantly under control, between the hedges and the trees of the gardens. They can enjoy that perfect feeling of freedom, a memory of our childhood, which can hardly be experienced living in the centre of a big city.


Comfort is another element that makes fascinating Vione’s village. Inside, in a green space, you can enjoy a barbecue area already set up and functional. Garden care, home maintenance, and the ability to receive home-based shopping are aspects that relax you when you come back from work. The former mill, now a municipal library and a cultural centre, is available to residents and districts. The inhabitants of Vione can then access freely, thanks to special conventions, to the sports facilities in the municipality of Basiglio.
Among the many services that Borgo Vione offers there is free Wi-Fi in public areas and in the space equipped as a communal laundry, but there is also the pedestal for charging electric cars in the car park, which tells how important it is to stay “step by step with the times “.
In addition, the municipality of Basiglio, one of the best administrated in Italy, offers high quality services: efficient public works counters, excellent municipal and private schools such as the American School, whose bus every day stays in the village square.