Living at the Borgo is a unique experience from several points of view. In this article we interview those who have already decided to settle here. Let’s start with Carlo Roncoroni, recently at the Borgo: “Living in Vione means above all tranquility and safety: these are the first two aspects that struck me.” “I discovered the Borgo by chance walking outside the walls: I peeked inside a gate and glimpsed this wonderful reality. My first comment was: it seems strange to me that you can really go and live here. Instead it happened ”.


Gabriella Carello also met the Borgo in a casual way. “I went in and it was a shock, a sudden love: I immediately told myself that this place would be my salvation. Mine is a very demanding job and for me living here means arriving home and walking barefoot, going out in the evening and not hearing other noises, in the very early morning I hear nothing but the singing of the birds and the scent of the grass. For me all this is fundamental: I need to be close to nature ”. But for Gabriella the historical aspect is also important. “This was a very important farmhouse, one of the most important in Lombardy, and it fascinates me very much to think that here we lived very different realities from the current one, but still true. There is a lot of history within these walls. And then, I look priceless for me, it is a safe place, where you can walk at night without any problem “.


Safety is also a key point for the Swiss Erica Rore. “No place can be defined as completely safe, but no other place has safety characteristics comparable to those of the Borgo,” she explains. “Then there is the icing on the cake: the swimming pool and the restaurant!”. “It looks like a holiday resort”, echoes Marco D’Agostino. “There is a beautiful swimming pool and the company of the condominiums is excellent”. The village, says Walter Parisi, manager of management and operations of Borgo di Vione, “is a village within the country: we try to offer all the comforts aimed at people and their needs”.


“It was love at first sight”, says Cinzia Barbieri. “We had intended to move to the center of Milan, but then we came here and saw the green: we have two girls, so a glance was enough and our choice fell on the village. Living in Vione is like always living on vacation: knowing that children can play outside, alone, inside the village, and protected: for me it is a great advantage “. Then there is the strong sense of community: “We give each other a hand, all together. As soon as I moved in, one of my neighbors showed up, she saw that I had a big belly because I was seven months pregnant and she made me dinner without me asking for anything. And other neighbors offered to help me with the move ”. An experience similar to that of Luca Roncoroni. “In all previous removals I had never received a welcome, while when I arrived in Borgo di Vione almost the whole neighborhood welcomed me! The only regret I have is not having discovered this place earlier. A stone’s throw from Milan, it is incredible that human relationships of this type still exist, yet here we talk to each other, there is sharing. It seems another reality, another world and this surprised me deeply: I never expected it “.


“It is a very beautiful reality”, adds Nadia De Ponti. “Also thanks to the people who live here we have created solid friendships, a wonderful atmosphere”. For Nadia the village “is home. It is community, it is welcome, it is nature, living in nature, being able to look at the fireflies in the evening. People smile at you, they are happy, if you need help, people are there: it is a particular way of living. Maybe a little old fashioned “.