Attico Cascina Vione 3, Basiglio


Walking along the road between the rice fields from Pieve Emanuele towards Basiglio, Borgo Vione appears from a distance offering the view of an ancient medieval entrance door (door Alba – where the sun rises) surrounded by two characteristic turrets that rise above two historical buildings. The building on the right is the ancient Casa dei Salariati, which has been the subject of renovation and recovery with the preservation of the ancient forms. From the historical surveys of the ancient land registry, the ancient building was already present in the early 1700s, although a stratigraphic analysis of columns and pillars suggests that it was renovated in the mid-nineteenth century.
The typological shape of the building is horseshoe (with the two wings reduced with respect to the front); historical reliefs show that the two wings were added to the historic building at the beginning of the twentieth century.
The apartment is located in a private portion of the building on the first floor plus attic which is accessed via the historic staircase.
The apartment is a two-room apartment with very large and non-standard sizes: two square-shaped rooms of over 50 meters connected by an exposed staircase in fine wood and illuminated by a window.
The entrance from the common landing is illuminated by the three windows that allow the view to sweep over the fields and mountains. On the living room floor of about 51 m2 there is a room with an open kitchen as well as a bathroom with an anti-bathroom with a large elliptical whirlpool tub and shower.
Going up the stairs lit by a further window covered in precious wood, you reach the upper floor of about 61 square meters where there is a second bathroom, a walk-in closet, and a very large double room illuminated by velux and characterized by the presence of recycled bricks.
The private position and the view towards the fields and mountains of the Bergamo area make the solution suitable for those who want to have a personal and private space enjoying the beauty, history, services and nature of the entire village.
This is the only two-room apartment left available in the Borgo, and it is certainly an interesting solution for its position and quality and convenient for economic demand.
Direct sale from the property.

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