We have seen how the philosophy of Borgo Vione consists above all in a lifestyle that does not chase time but allows you to enjoy it. And it is not only the tranquility of these houses in the greenery a few kilometers from the center of Milan that allows this, but also a widespread and efficient network of services always available to its residents. Plus that in Borgo Vione they are by now habits and daily attentions.

From safety to relaxation, from the infrastructures that amplify, embracing it, the concept of home and enhance the common parts, up to the small devices that make everyone feel part of a community. The pandemic has accelerated a process that was already underway and that is changing the needs of those looking for the “ideal place to live”.


Based on a recent investigation of casa.it, for example, among the new trends there is the importance that potential buyers attach to sociability and the sharing of common spaces that are now an integral part of housing requirements. It is cohousing, a model that consists precisely in the collective use of common spaces and services by a limited group of family groups. A model of which, in part, Borgo Vione is an expression.


An essential condition, safety


To allow this to happen, however, a starting condition is needed, safety. Living in a place perceiving it as safe is the first step to fully experience it. And security, in Borgo Vione, is guaranteed: a technologically advanced video surveillance service is installed along the walls that surround the village, always in operation, as well as at the main entrances there is a guardian day and night who monitors the entrances, which are allowed only to inhabitants of the village or authorized and registered non-resident persons. A resident manager, then, is always available to accommodate everyone’s requests and doubts.


Just some relax

Life in the Borgo has also been designed by providing various moments of relaxation accessible to all residents at any time, respecting everyone’s tranquility. In the common areas there is a splendid swimming pool surrounded by fruit trees and native vegetation, an equipped gym always accessible and bookable, a Spa with all the comforts, a Jacuzzi to be used, by reservation, perhaps at the end of a long day of work.

For young and old: greenery and games

Borgo Vione is the ideal place to become the home of a family with children. Both children and adults can have fun in complete tranquility: ride a bicycle along the paths that lead from one wing of the village to the other, crossing squares and gardens, play table tennis under the roofs of the old recovered farmhouses, collect the fruits of the trees planted in the shared garden. For the summer weekends there is also a barbecue area where you can enjoy a barbecue with friends.

Among the indoor spaces, available to all, there is also a recreation room equipped with a video projector with the possibility of organizing courses of all kinds. Immediately next to the residences, then, there is the old mill which today, used as a library and cultural center, is open to all those who live in the area.



Like in a village

Those who live in Borgo Vione can breathe the atmosphere of the past: the church bells, trade, the rural life typical of the monks’ grange. Once a week, in one of the large squares that you meet while walking among the ancient walls, some agricultural producers from the area arrive with their goods forming a sort of food market.

And then, an added value, there is the church of San Bernardo, still consecrated and open on holidays where weddings and baptisms can be celebrated. Finally, as in any self-respecting town, an excellent restaurant cannot be missing, which can be accessed without leaving the walls of the Borgo.