Living in a place where the common space has a very important value and where the sharing of certain moments of the day is the heart of a different and sustainable lifestyle. Cohousing, that is co-residency, is a trend that, born above all in the countries of northern Europe, is spreading more and more, even in Italy.

The term indicates those residential settlements in which private accommodation is only a part of the complex and in which the common parts play a fundamental role in the life of the residents: parks, gardens, vegetable gardens, spaces for playing, for events, for working, gym, swimming pool, bistro, library, laboratories.

And the list may not end here, indeed. The philosophy of these places is to live their days in harmony with families and neighbors, sharing some experiences with them: from a simple chat on the doorstep or in the courtyard, to organizing a lunch together, to mutual help. in case of necessity.

Borgo Vione, which is not really a cohousing project and which stands out from this kind of complexes above all for the very large, refined and original nature of the spaces, however, embodies several aspects. Especially as regards the quality and philosophy of living.

With its rural and evocative flavor of ancient grange, it brings back to contemporary living the concept of community, once linked to agriculture and activities related to large out-of-town monasteries. A community that lives immersed in a countryside a few kilometers from Milan, where tranquility and sharing mark the days of those who live there.

Lived by a high percentage of foreign families, Borgo Vione has developed over the years a unique community spirit that evokes different living experiences, from the oldest to the most current: from agricultural villages to characteristic railing houses up to landings and apartments of American TV series.

Do you remember Friends with that life lived in adjoining apartments that seem like a single house? Here, Borgo Vione, albeit in a completely different context, feeds on that spirit. Far from their families and their countries of origin, the inhabitants of Borgo Vione immediately form very close relationships with each other.

The exchange of information is continuous: on the place, on the attractions of Milan, down to the small but fundamental practical tips for dealing with the Italian bureaucracy. But it does not stop there, neighbors become friends, almost family: so it is normal to bake cakes and sweets to offer to others, accompany several children to school, let them play in the afternoon, keep them when other mothers work or have a commitment, do the expense.

Or, more simply, offer the missing ingredient. It is a social network that allows you to enjoy many experiences while remaining in the tranquility of the Borgo: a dinner with friends, a barbecue in the common garden, a ping pong tournament, a swim in the pool, an afternoon in the shared garden or orchard. And it is also a continuous exchange of knowledge: from cooking and yoga lessons to the organization of trips out of town to enjoy together. They all interact naturally as a lifestyle concierge for those who want to exchange experiences.


Borgo Vione is thus a large international playground where different languages ​​and cultures meet and find their melting pot in English, a communication tool for everyone. A bilingual place where both adults but above all children have the opportunity to integrate in a simple way: with the game in English, for example. Those who live in Borgo Vione learn, from an early age, that sharing knowledge and life experiences are a precious tool.