Abbiamo intervistato gli abitanti del Borgo di Vione, per capire cosa vuol dire vivere e far parte del Borgo. Questo è il video con le nostre interviste

What does it mean to live in Borgo di Vione? No one can tell this experience better than those who have chosen to move here with their family. Like Steve Hill and his wife Erin. “At first we lived in Milan, but we have three children and building a sense of community around them was really important,” says Erin. “When we first came to visit Borgo di Vione we really felt a sense of warmth. And then the guys hardly left us a choice: they arrived here, they immediately made new friends and at the end of our visit we knew we had to stay ”.

For children, the village is a safe space in which to play without the limitations of city life. “I love the pool, I think it’s great to have it,” explains little Alex. “I have a lot of fun there and all the experiences I had in the pool were extraordinary.” “Living in Borgo di Vione allowed me to give my children and my family the opportunity to live a childhood similar to the one I had lived me ”, observes Bianca Vasilescu. “A free childhood, which means being able to go out the front door without the need to be supervised by parents or other relatives and ride a bike or run around all day without having to worry about a car hitting them, or that someone can kidnap them. This place helped me to give my children a childhood that looks so much like mine. “The encounters, adds Vasilescu,” very often are completely spontaneous. I find myself asking: ‘Would anyone like a prosecco?’ And then we take glasses and bottles and move to the common areas, where we can drink and chat. We also organize barbecues and evening aperitifs in the garden, inviting other families ”.

“For me it is a dream, I would never change it”, summarizes Aurora Collado. “There is always a reason to organize a party or something else: movie nights, or sleepovers. There is no need to take the car or move: people simply knock on the door or move from one house to another “.
“There is a really strong sense of community in the village,” says Chandra Alley. “I don’t even know how to describe it in words: it’s a nice way to spend time in friendship, you meet someone and you immediately hear them echo in various languages: Good morning, hello, Hi, How are you? We stop, we start chatting and all this creates a feeling of comfort, closeness, home “. A series of priceless benefits. “My husband works in Malpensa and for him living in Borgo di Vione is a bit tiring, but it wouldn’t change for the world. What this place has given our family is worth every minute of travel. For us it is perfect ”.